Weight Loss App

maintain and balance your weight

Weight Loss App

Ever dreamt of having an app in your mobile which can be used within seconds and get all information about your health. So here’s the WellnessOn app with all that you are struggling for to maintain and balance your weight while you’re busy with office work and laptops.

How does it work?

Download & Install the app from play store or apple store
Fill in your
personal information
Access and track
your meals regularly

For best results follow below instructions

  1. Do not exceed Daily Limit
  2. Practice eating at least 1 Grade A recipe a day. 
  3. Eat safer portions which fall under Grade B. 
  4. Avoid food under Grade C. 
  5. Follow the balanced nutrition dashboard.

Payment Option

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INR 19.96 A Day

Get full access to food Database and explore the features of the app while Losing 2kgs a month* in a very Healthy way


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INR 18.23 A Day

Practise healthy eating and change your Dietary patterns forever It’s beyond weight loss and Trains your mind to healthy lifestyle


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INR 15.82 A Day

Become a Champion & do-it-by-yourself. You don’t require app anymore you know what to eat and stay healthy


Note: We recommend you to follow the app for at least 3 months as it helps you not only in losing weight of 2 kgs a month but also it subconsciously trains your mind to eat safer portions, adapt healthy habits which stays with you forever*. You will be seeing scalable and non scalable results in this period. All that you need to have is patience and a positive mind to follow the program.

User Manual for additional assistance

Why Us?

It is not just another calorie counting app, you will get a structure to weight management efforts through following features in the App:

  1. You can distinguish between healthy vs unhealthy foods and thus, distinguish between healthy calories vs unhealthy calories.
  2. You will track individual macronutrient (carbohydrates, protein and Fat) intake and help maintain nutritional balance in their daily meal’s vs leaning on just one kind of food or tracking plain calories like other apps.
  3. You can identify the right portions for each food they eat, which is a very unique feature of this app that helps stay within their daily caloric limits while enjoying their regular foods. Thus, you choose what to eat, we tell you how much to eat!

There’s groundbreaking research that indicates the importance of portion control and nutritional balance being the key players for sustainable weight loss vs counting plain calories.

What is included in the free trial and subscription?

We offer full access to our apps and its features with any kind of subscription model including free trial. Currently below services are included in the free trial, month to month subscription, quarterly (3-month) subscription, half yearly (6-month) subscription.

  1. Daily and Weekly Threshold: Our app scientific formula will set daily and weekly threshold based on the information provided during the sign up process like Age, Height, Weight, Gender and Activity Factor.
  2. Food Database: You have full access to our food database approx 4000 items as of now. You can search for the foods, enter the serving unit, quantity and track it. When you track the food our scientific formula will derive the percentage and grade of a particular food and deduct from your threshold.
  3. Weight loss mechanism: You have to follow the daily threshold and approx 15% of your weekly threshold for best results on weight loss and staying healthy.
  4. ZERO% (Grade A Recipes): You can find our own recipes ZERO% (Grade A) food recipes on the dashboard, you can use instructions to create recipes at your home for your consumption and you need not to track it.


We are here to create an impact on your life and our motto is to inspire you to a healthy lifestyle ! We have pioneered our programs based on behavioral science and we deliver a flexible, sustainable weight loss program to our community and help them in adapting healthy habits.

We understand every challenge in following the program. We will try our best to help you in your journey however if you would like to cancel our services at any point of time, please refer to the below terms.

Currently subscription is solely driven by play store and apple store and we do not take any kind of credit card information.

Your subscription will recurring as per the plan selected and automatically renews on renewal date, till the date you cancel your subscription. You are entitled to cancel the subscription at least 14 business days prior to the date of the renewal of Your subscription.

Our subscriptions vary from one jurisdiction to another. Further, the subscriptions are for specified periods of 1, 3 or 6 months. You will be required to make upfront payment to subscribe. The current subscription model is provided above. We may amend the Subscription Model at our sole discretion.

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