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Food and Nutrition has become a hot topic across the world now. Especially after the pandemic COVID-19 every individual thought process has been changed and started thinking about healthy food as part of their life. Yes that’s true irrespective of the condition, eating healthy is very important to body and mind. You might be wondering why foods are different from region to region, culture to culture and religious food but yes everything is backed by science. WellnessOn R&D team conducts extensive research on food and its nutritive values to understand every food and its importance in terms of culture and regional and religion as well. The foods which we eat as part of our life are made with various reasons like crop availability for that region, weather conditions and also body conditions. Hence we re-engineer the foods which we eat, tweak the preparation method and cook them by replacing them with healthier preparation methods and develop healthy food choices for our users without compromising the taste.

Example we make your most favourite biryani with brown basmati rice, very little oil or ghee with fresh and premium quality ingredients thus we became the most favourite healthier choices with our users.

Having a positive attitude towards healthy food motivates us to look better and focus on mental health growth. Due to fluctuations in our food that we take imbalances our human system which will impact our mood swings too.

Role of food on health conditions:
Having proper food intake will help in managing several health conditions like Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Blood Pressure, PCOD, PCOS, Hypertension, Hyperthroid and Sleep Apnea etc. Though this is not medical advice and always you have to consult your physician when you have this health condition but definitely food plays a vital role.

Kitchen Benefits:

Healthy Meals
Weight loss Meals / Diet Meals
Healthy Ingredients
No Sugars
No Preservatives
No Artificial Colors or Flavours
Balanced Nutrition
Zero Trans Fat
Very less oil - no Oil fries
Limited Salt
Freshly Cooked
Healthy Cooking Methods
Satiating Meal
Diabetes Meals
PCOD/ PCOS Diet Meals
Hypertension Meals
Personalized Meals

How does it work?

Subscribe to Plan
Provide Deliver address and Preferences
Receive healthy and tasty meals delivered at your doorstep
Get Free access to WellnessOn Food Tracking App
Get Free Nutritionist Consultation

What do you get?

  • Worried about your health conditions like allergies, BMI, nutritional requirements and other problems? Access our smart diet plans balancing all your problems with one healthy meal!
  • Meal Delivery to home / office right at your doorstep.
    Get Nutritional consultation with our expert nutritionist and know what is healthy for you.
  • Food Tracking app as long as you are in subscription of the meal.
    Read our Diet Chart for health conditions like diabetics, hyperthyroid, hypertension, etc and order your meal accordingly.
  • Discount coupons for healthy snacks on ecommerce websites like amazon and flipkart.
  • Check on the calories count along with detailed exposure of nutrition value.
  • Try zero% recipes including every dish in our menu and control your weight.
  • Choose your nutrition value and calorie value according to our grading mechanism system.
  • Get a customized dashboard exposing all the energy values of your ordered meal.
  • Follow our healthy diet plans with various preferences of your choice and be fit !
  • Just choose your flavour/dish and we’ll give you the best taste on your spoon !


  1. Combo is a combination of Protein, Carb and High Fibre foods.
  2. Combo will have one veg salad which is a signature recipe of WellnessOn called ZERO% Recipe.
  3. We use Brown Basmati Rice only in our meals.
  4. Egg and Non Veg Subscribers will get meals according to the above schedule.
  5. You will receive below items as complimentary
    1-detox drink, 1-Healthy Snack, 1- Healthy Dessert every week

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