Healthy Habits Transformation

Habit is what keeps you going

Healthy Habits

Changing Habits is never easy to any individual, it requires a very positive mind, significant effort, constant motivation and individual perseverance. Even our ancient religious scriptures mention it takes 41 days to change and get accustomed to new habits. Sedentary lifestyle, low morale towards healthy lifestyle, unhealthy habits, lack of proper engagement and motivation may create adverse impact on your health.

Positive change in our habits will create a huge impact on our life even if it is a small change like avoiding usage of mobile phones while you eat. Hence we at WellnessOn developed this program LIFT – Healthy Habits Transformation mind training program with inhouse nutritionist and psychologist to train your mind to adapt healthy habits in your life and inspire you to a healthy lifestyle.

L.I.F.T your journey of Weight loss with healthy habits transformation program.

L.I.F.T is India’s first behavioral science mind training program which is Listen to the session, Implement the Takeaways through the week, Follow the program by tracking on mobile app and Transform yourself. This program will help you to inculcate healthy foods and adapt healthy habits in your life and transform yourself at a slow pace. 

How does it work?

Subscribe to the session
Attend the session every week (Online)
Transform yourself by changing 1 Habit a week
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What is included?

  • Enroll to the session by clicking on subscribe button.
  • Provide your information and choose if you want to attend the session online or at our Studio located in Gachibowli.
  • Each week you will be trained on one healthy habit, one weight loss tip and one nutritional tip and you will walk away with some takeaways.
  • You need to implement the takeaways for the week and yes we are always available for assistance.
  • Takeaways are the real habit changes you need to implement in your life for a better lifestyle.
  • Takeaways also include a tracking card, WellnessOn ZERO% Recipe instruction and few other action items like home fitness activities and mindfulness activities.
  • Progress from last week will be discussed next week, address any challenges, motivates you, trains you in transforming yourself.
  • WellnessON team will be with you during your transformation journey and inspire you to inculcate these healthy habits in your life.

Note: This is an ongoing process, each week you will receive a new card with a new habit and tip. We recommend that you follow this program for a minimum of 3 months to get best results and understand changing habits is never easy. WellnessON experts work with you closely, stand with you, support you, encourage you, motivatie you and be part of your successful transformation journey. If you are looking for a sustainable weight loss program, healthy life style program, diabetes reversal program, PCOD Diet program, Hyperthroid management or Hypertension management program then you are at the right place.  You will be paying for changing your habits which stays with you forever while meeting your health goals. 

Pay for your Habit Change

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(4 Sessions)

Let us understand your habits, guide you in adopting healthy habits which stay with you forever.

₹699/Per Session

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(12 Sessions)

Let us work together to train your mind and body to inculcate healthy habits for life and inspire you to a healthy lifestyle.

₹599/Per Session

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(24 Sessions)

Let us train you in becoming a champion by yourself to make you self realize which habits are good and bad for you.

₹499/Per Session

Weight Loss Studio

We conduct a LIFT program at our studio itself along with basic free workout sessions, yoga and meditation.