Healthy Cooking

Cooking is exactly like making music.

Learn Healthy of Cooking

Healthy eating has become more important than ever due to the change in our lifestyle.

According to the changes we should adapt healthy ways of cooking to keep us healthy. We should build our own healthier choices as prevention is always better than cure. Eating healthy keeps your mind and body healthy.

It has become a mandate to change the way of cooking for us and to give a positive direction for the future generation. Healthy eating should be introduced to kids in the initial stages itself to train their mind of healthy eating. It is always a wise decision to inculcate healthy habits for you and your family.

We at WellnessOn perform ongoing research on healthy ways of cooking methods for our regular foods and our mission is to develop this approach in our community. Hence this program is helpful for you to learn healthy cooking methods to implement at your home. Enroll and get your kids and family healthy!! 

How does it work?

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What is included?

  1. Introduction class by Nutritionist on healthy cooking methods. (Free of cost).
  2. LIVE cooking online classes by our Executive Chef at our Healthy Kitchens for each cooking method.
  3. Get cook books as a guide to develop recipes at home. (Free worth INR 1999).
  4. Free Access to our app during the period subscribed.
  5. Guidance in cooking at home (Free of cost).

Sample topics Included:

  1. Steam, bake, grill, braise, boil or microwave your foods, rather than deep fry them.
  2. Microwave or steam your vegetables instead of boiling them to retain the nutrients.
  3. Avoid added oils and butter; use non-stick cookware instead.
  4. Usage of Healthier ingredients or substitutes.
  5. Low fat cooking or zero transfat.
  6. Retaining the nutrients.
  7. Cutting down salt.
  8. Usage of Herbs.
  9. Modify or eliminate recipes that include butter or ask you to deep fry or sauté in animal fat.
  10. Favorite recipes can be modified so they offer a lower fat content.

Payment Option

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4 Classes (8 Hours)
(1500 Per Hour)

Explore innovative healthy ways of cooking methods and keep yourself and your family healthy.

₹12000/ 4 Classes

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8 Classes (16 hours)
(1200 Per Hour)

Become a champion of yourself in healthy ways of cooking and mentor your friends and family to implement the methods.

₹19200/ 8 Classes