Diet Chart Management System

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Diet Chart Management System

If you are Dietitian, Nutritionist, Gym Trainer, Fitness Trainer or a Doctor then you reached at right place. We tend to receive complaints from our partners on the below problems at their business:

Effort and Time spent on :-

  • Researching the foods and nutritive values.
  • Calculating the nutritive values for different servings.
  • Building diet charts as per your client needs.
  • Building new recipes.
  • Managing your client diet charts.

Each website will show different nutritive values for a food.

Some many articles on the web which have food nutritive values published by non-qualified dietitians/nutritionists.

We listened to our partners and our motto is to encourage small businesses by providing technology assistance to them in serving their clients. This will basically support our mission in building a healthy community of course through our partner channels. Hence we build the below session:


  • Saving time and Effort
  • You will get access to our FOOD DATABASE which has 10000+ foods. Simply type in the name of food, get the nutritive values on the screen. (This count will increase in timely manner)
    Select the serving type, click on the button to see automated calculations of nutritive values.
  • Build diet charts by simple drag and drop functionality.
  • Enter the food name, drag and drop ingredients system will calculate the nutritive values for you.
  • Easy access to your client diet charts for follow ups.

We have a detailed protocol in calculating the nutritive values of the food by sampling method and results are very close to accurate.

We are a team of qualified nutritionists, conduct thorough research and multiple chains of review and approvals before publishing the nutritive values on our system.

Why us?

Support: You have an omni channel support, you can reach out to us via email or a dedicated relationship manager will be assigned to you for any kind of issues.

Technical support: Our inhouse technology professionals will always work hard to develop the tool with period enhancements to serve your client better.

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