Any Body Can Diet

WellnessOn works with the concept ABCD - Any Body Can Diet.

Our diet is pretty simple, easy to follow, sustainable and helps you in adopting healthy habits for life. 

We call it easy because our diet consists of regular Indian foods.

We classify foods as below. 

Grade A

These foods are superfoods developed by the WellnessON team otherwise called Grade A, ZERO% or Sathwik recipes. These are low calorie foods consisting of less than 15gm of carbs and less than 7.5gm of fat per serving. Every food is delivered in eatable portion either 200 grams or 200ml. 

We also developed 99KCal Snacks which helps you to consume during midday or mid evening cravings. Every snack is 99 KCal only and highly nutritious. These are served as part of meal plan and can be purchased without a meal plan on our selling channels. 

Grade B

These foods are good if consumed in eatable portions. 

Healthy Way of Cooking and Nutritionally Balanced Meals: 

We pick an Indian food rework on it by tweaking the cooking methods to make them healthy, replace ingredients with healthier ones, add any super foods to it to make it a complete nutritionally balanced meal and served in adequate portions. Therefore the meal will contain Adequate Protein, Carb, Fibre and Fats in one meal.

You will feel like eating your own home food with different varieties and not compromising on taste. 

Eg:- Biryani 

Biryani is the food which is most loved by Hyderabadis and various people across India. We all know the Kcal values and unhealthy ingredients used in it. We pick up the Biryani, replace rice with brown basmati rice or a choice of white basmati rice, use 5 ml of oil and ghee for garnish, using a steaming cooking method and avoid frying everywhere possible. We serve it with Boiled vegetables  + Gajar ki Halwa made with Jaggery  to make it a complete satiating meal. 

Grade C

These foods are not good for health and we educate our users to slowly avoid and leave this habit for life. 

Some examples include junk foods, deep oil fries and etc., 

During the transition period they can use the weekly percentage shown on our mobile app to consume these foods once a week till you get rid of the habit. 

That’s it.

Lets try now

ABC Diet is absolutely free with just simple steps: 

  1. Download the mobile app from link below 
  2. Enter your assessment details and sign up. 
  3. Search the name of the food and check the grade of the food. 
  4. You are good to go if it falls under Grade B or Grade A.