- Our diet is pretty simple, easy to follow, sustainable and helps you in adopting healthy habits for life.
- We call it easy because our diet consists of regular Indian foods.

Supported by Nutrihub, Indian Institute of Millets Research

WellnessOn - Nutritionist Crafted Healthy Food
Fastest growing Healthy Food Chain in India.
Most trusted Brand for Healthy Food.
Premium Quality Ingredients No Sugar, No Maida, No artificial colors and Preservatives used
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Inspires you to a healthy lifestyle by training your mind to adapt healthy habits for life.

WellnessON is a complete weight loss ecosystem which helps you to track healthy and unhealthy calories with micro and macronutrients on our mobile app,

trains your mind to adapt healthy habits for life, helps you to manage your health conditions, provides you with healthier food choices with the recipes available on the app and an option to order healthy food and healthy snacks from our website and other channel partners. No more quick diets or diet charts turn on your Wellness Journey with WellnessOn.

Weight Loss

WellnessOn calorie tracking app helps you to lose weight without a diet chart

Healthy Habits Transformation

This program will train your mind to adapt healthy habits

Healthy Kitchen

WellnessOn healthier food choices will help you to inculcate healthy eating habits
Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

Call it weight loss snacks, diet snacks, healthy snacks, evening snacks

WellnessOn Nutri Bar

Eat right and feel great !

With high protein and fiber, nutribar is the perfect bar for your active lifestyle.

App Features

Download the app and Train your mind to Lose Weight without a Diet Chart just by adopting healthy habits in your life which stays with you forever!

ZERO% Recipes:
Tasty, Nutritious and Low Calorie simple healthy recipes developed by WellnessON experts including Indian regular goods.

Intuitive Calorie Counter:
Micro and Macro Nutrient Calorie tracker which also helps you distinguish between healthy and unhealthy calories.

ABC Food Grading Mechanism:
Behavioural Science based Grading Mechanism which guides you on nutritional values, safer portion sizes to eat and their Calories.

Recipe Builder:
AI Powered feature which calculates nutritive values automatically for your custom BYOR (Bring Your Own Recipes) for accurate calorie tracking.


I'm very happy by these recipe they helped me a lot in maintaining my healthy diet. you have given the wonderful solution, thank you!

Neeraj KumarDesigner

It is one of the good app i found. Really it helped me a lot. The grade A recipes are very easy and very tasteful. Some recipes are mouth watering not only taste it helps me in maintaining good health. I tracked my calories weight. This app helps in planning according my diet. Such a wonderful app Health is wealth.

SandhyaSoftware Developer

I opted for monthly subscription liked the concept of healthy food and taste of food.